One device. Every function.

Get real-time intelligence and operate with military grade effectiveness


• Rugged smart device

• 24×7 live intelligence

• Indoor/Outdoor tracking using:

• GPS, Glonass, Bluetooth, NFC

• Proof of service

• Exception reporting

• Man down (monitored)

• Lone worker (monitored)

• Duress alarm (monitored)

• PTT over 3G/4G between any locations in the world

• Incident reporting

• Timesheeting

• Standard Operating Procedures

• Compliance

• Low battery escalations

• Field worker notes

• Secure login

• Remote configuration


locations being monitored around the globe at this very moment


years of experience. 18 years of continual research and development. 18 years of dependability.


events contained in our secure data repositories – delivered in simple, rapidly digested reports.



Purchase a genuine OMNI rugged device from an authorised dealer.


Subscribe your OMNI to the set of features applicable to your business.  Features may be added and removed at any time through our portal.


You can finally relax and focus on your business instead of the barrage of endless phone calls, paperwork and emails.   Take advantage of the automated, intelligent services all delivered from one point of truth.

Not only will you be well informed; more importantly, so will your customers.


The core of the solution lays in our cloud service – Seeknfind.

Centralised service available from any location 24/7  Seeknfind exchanges information with  OMNI Vision devices in adherence with ISO 9001 standards to provide you with simple, situational and contextual information, optimising both accuracy and speed of intelligence shared between applicable parties.

by converging all aspects of in-field intelligence we empower you to deliver Military grade effectiveness

Base to field PTT communication.  Seeknfind allows voice or text communication from your computer to any field workers (groups or individuals) that use OMNI – anywhere in the world.  No need for expensive, high maintenance infrastructure unlike traditional two way. OMNI PTT is the most agile communications system in the market.

Rapid hyper accurate data. – What traditionally takes minutes or even hours can occur in less than a second with OMNI – often with better accuracy.  By converging all aspects of in-field intelligence and automating the coordination and delivery we empower you to deliver military grade effectiveness.  Not only will you heighten your service delivery, OMNI monitors every resource’s activity and measures it against your KPI’s and informs relevant parties exactly what they need to know when they need to know it.

Comprehensive automated reporting.  Stop being forced to spend hours pouring over information from disparate systems and devices to produce hand crafted reports.  Stop wasting hours on the phone to inform and coordinate with customers and personnel.  Seeknfind does all the work for you – from showing off your level of service provision to providing your internal exception reporting when tasks need addressing to automated time sheeting and payroll.

OMNI empowers you to deliver industry leading service with less effort thaN traditional methods


By logging on and off of OMNI we keep track of your personnel’s hours. We provide timesheet reports and can even integrate into payroll systems.


We keep an eye on your personnel and let you know when their welfare may be at risk. We also give you maximised intelligence with live tracking, along with audio, video intelligence.  We can also provide Tier One monitored service for complete peace of mind.


We send you internal reports that identify where you need to improve.  These reports can be invaluable in determining what further services must be provided in the current period to achieve valuable KPIs and hit revenue targets.


We keep track of each and every person’s certification status. We’ll tell you when to undertake refresher courses or when personnel don’t have the necessary skills.


We automatically send reports to your customers to demonstrate adherence to KPIs along with incident responses.


We ensure our services are available 24/7 and retain data for a minimum of 5 years.  This takes away the burden of IT in terms of space, effort, compliance, capital outlay and operational expenditure.  We even provide a help desk for anything! User training to troubleshooting.   And if you need something tailored for your business – we do that too!

Serious reliability and durability.

OMNI sets the standard.


Boasting a 4500mAh battery OMNI delivers class leading endurance.  Smart software minimises demands on battery to deliver maximum performance. Automated critical battery escalation alerts also provide assurance that your field workers never fall off the radar.  When its time to recharge, self locating magnetic charging ports provide simple, durable connectivity that you can literally do with your eyes closed.

Soon to be released option is a “hot swap” allowing the user to change batteries without switching off.


OMNI is built from specially constructed ultra hard polymers to protect the internal components, with an outer layer of shock absorbing durable rubber.  The screen is constructed from the toughest material available in the market – Gorilla Glass.  Although tough, we avoid unnecessary knocks by raising the rubber proud of the screen by 3mm – enough to add a further level of protection without inhibiting screen interaction.   The charging port avoids traditional failure points with a reversible connector.  For those who work in highly ignitable environments the intrinsic option is also available.

Winning Design

We take the design of OMNI seriously.   We strive to deliver ergonomic simplicity where features just seem simple and natural.  A rubberised outer layer not only protects against impact but also presents a surface that is easy to grip – wet, dry, or dusty.   Subtle bevels also help accommodate the curvature of the hand.  A physical SOS button with positive vibrating feedback provides confidence that help is coming.  A dedicated PTT button provides tactile location without distraction from the task at hand.  The screen has the capability to work even when the user is wearing gloves.


consolidate operations to one device

Whether you’re utilising the full gamut of features leveraged in defence implementations (yes these are used in government defence facilities) or just want to prove provision of service by logging attendance at patrol points, OMNI is the tool for you.

simple yet versatile. 

The device can be configured from one feature to 15 active features in 2 minutes. Simply select the features you want turned on from within the cloud portal and the device reconfigures itself immediately. 

Maximum productivity. Minimal effort.

Throw away the myriad of equipment your personnel use and carry:- no more two-way radio, satellite navigation, GPS tracker, lone worker unit, duress alarm, notepad, camera, phone, man down sensor, tablet, phone. This personal device does the lot.


Release you and your team from the burden of coordinating resources, keeping track of work, and reporting to customers.   No more losing track of where things are, no lag in information delivery.  Seeknfind produces comprehensive, insightful information in the context of its audience, whether in-field, administration, or customer.


Stop dealing with multiple suppliers. Stop gathering information from different equipment, different software, and spending hours trying to make sense of it all. OMNI proactively delivers holistic, relevant data that can be quickly and easily digested.


All information is captured and immediately recorded electronically – information can even be conveyed by dictating to OMNI. Respective parties receive electronic notifications.  Reports are generated and emailed.  Customers log in to view reports or have their reports automatically emailed. Okay, so you won’t eliminate paper but it will help you reduce it.  Greenpeace would be proud!


OMNI captures field worker hours and provides timesheet reports from Seeknfind.   Book keepers take note! It can even export this information into payroll for you.   Yep, if you process timesheets then you just went a little gooey inside.


Health and Safety features ensure welfare is tirelessly and unrelentingly and monitored.  OMNI watches your people and in turn, Seeknfind monitors every OMNI device to ensure its working.  If OMNI detects someone’s welfare is at risk then you will be alerted immediately with full intelligence of their whereabouts at your disposal. Monitored services can also be attached for tier one assurance.


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24/10/2017 Daelibs supplies services to Australian High Commission in Solomon Islands.

24/9/2017 Daelibs supplies Kawasaki Heavy Industries workforce with IoT technology.

24/8/2017 Daelibs Launches presence in UAE at FM Expo.

24/6/2017 Daelibs solidifies aliance with Hytera to develop integrated field functions for PDC760.

22/5/2017 Daelibs systems secure SA health and medical research institute.

22/3/2017 Daelibs systems help secure Rail systems in UK.

22/12/2016 Daelibs works with Adelaide City Council to increase visitor safety.

02/09/2016 Daelibs donates technology to help ensure child safety in South Australian child care services.

22/08/2016 Daelibs launches Tier 1 monitoring services in Australia.

12/08/2016 AMS Security celebrates with OMNI as it wins the 2016 Australian Achievers Award.

01/07/2016 OMNI to supplies services to UGL’s 1500+ workers at LNG Facilities CCPP Gas Project.

12/06/2016 South Australian Government retains OMNI as part of its measures against terrorism.

01/05/2016 Daelibs announces the release of OMNI throughout the United Kingdom.