Today 5 billion
connected things.

25 billion by 2020

The digital shift instigated by IoT poses both threats and opportunities for existing businesses.   There is no choice but to pursue IoT, in the same way as the last 20 years of consumerisation of traditional IT.   In order to accommodate the influx of new connected devices, businesses need to manage new platforms, variations on IT/IoT integrations and changing industry standards.


Gartner estimates that IoT will support total services spending of $263 billion by 2020. 

“The number of connected intelligent device will continue to grow exponentially, giving ‘smart things’ the ability to sense, interpret, communicate and negotiate, and effectively have a digital ‘voice'”       

-Gartner vice president Steve Prentice.


“CIOs must look for opportunities to create new services, usage scenarios and business models based on this growth”.

Organisations need to prioritise the vast expanse of information available from smart things.  CIOs can turn these challenges into potential opportunities by creating new business models and value propositions.  

Given various factors such as the rate of change, the level of greenfield initiatives, and immense points of data; business leaders should carefully consider where they seek the IoT services from.  This can be challenging given that most offerings have been in the market for less than 24 months.   Companies boasting a longer track record of expertise are far and few between.    Industry experts recommend business leaders pursue IoT offerings from vendors with successful real world implementations combined with a proven track record of delivering results.

Daelibs is one of a handful of companies globally that ticks each of those boxes with an unprecedented 18 years in IoT and an extensive track record of enterprise success stories.

Products and Services

Daelibs provides various services to a wide array of industries

Turnkey Solutions

Daelibs provides Turnkey Solutions to various sectors including Museums, Home Care, Mining, Construction, Security, FM, Cleaning, Healthcare, Hospitality, Exhibits, and Events.  Industry leading functions and sophistication present simply to those that use it, translating into a tool for your business that is fast, easy and non disruptive.

SaaS Offerings

Order the hardware then register it yourself in your cloud service.  Easily customise services to compliment your way of doing business.  No need to rely on personnel who don’t understand your business.    Only pay for what you need as you need it month by month.  No heavy up front expenditure, no IT infrastructure or personnel required. 

Smart Buildings

Manufacturers and retailers are offering an ever growing expanse of IoT “smarts” – lighting , air conditioning, gates, cameras, alarms.  But wait! You need a different app for each!  Use our one app to not only control them.  We go even further with a next tier offering of 7 star integrated/automated Customer Service functions.

Smart Cities

Spatially integrated systems form the backbone of smart cities.   Once, population density was considered a detriment of a city; making life for all slow and difficult.  

Today, IoT juxtaposes this relationship; translating higher density into a heightened self awareness which in turn elevates the level of function and efficiency to make these places more liveable than ever before. 

Customer Engagement

Delivering a higher level of service by delivering timely and contextual information to you customers is now key to sales – both to online and traditional bricks and mortar mediums.  Being able to deliver the right product and the right time is what our systems do.  Its like virtual assistant that helps choose the right brand/model as your customer is looking compared to the abrupt door to door salesman that traditional methods invoke.


Whether you just want to know what is out there or discover how the Internet of Things and ambient intelligence can improve your business then we can help. Rest assured our advice is fit for purpose – in the context of your business’ individual needs and in line with your budget and schedule.  

Not only do we know what works, but more importantly we know what won’t.

The DAELIBS advantage


Over 18 years of excellence

DAELIBS has been developing products and providing services in a commercial environment for almost 19 years. We’ve long established ourselves as one of the global leaders.  This gives us great perspective on what works, and even more importantly we understand what won’t.  Only experience gives you understanding what technology should be applied where.  We’ve forgotten more in this industry than most of the recent glut of startup IoT “experts” collectively claim to know.





We’ve been innovating hardware and software for IoT solutions for nearly 20 years with our biggest accomplishment being the inventor of Bluetooth beacons – probably the biggest event to herald the IoT revolution into the mainstream consciousness.


Globalised Products and Services

Daelibs products operate extensively in the United States, Asia, the United Kingdom, and Australia; with branches to open in the UAE in 2017.  This translates into global localised support, with the ability to provide 24/7 tier one support services.   This globalised presence underlines our competency and success in the IoT sector.

About Daelibs

DAELIBS has been helping shape the future with the Internet of Things for nearly 20 years.   Since 1998 we have been creating automated products and services that understand their immediate physical space.   Our services can provide automated responses in the context of who or what occupies that space along with the conditions within that proximity at that moment in time.

In 2011

DAELIBS invented Bluetooth beacons.


Two years later

Apple marketed this concept as ibeacon.

Today, there are 4 Million iBeacons deployed globally, with analysts predicting over 400 million by 2020.

Apart from extending our products and services in more places and market sectors, we now offer consulting services to assist organisations with IoT integration in both strategic and implementation capacities. 

first beacon


Connect with our industry experts .  Collaborate, extrapolate, evaluate – we’re up for all things IoT.  

Even if its just pointing you in the right direction we are happy to help.

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