Reduced insurance costs

Underwriters recognise our services and will reward you with reduced insurance premiums - often outweighing the cost of our services!

Know when KPI's are missed

Our intelligent systems will tell you when contractors are missing their KPI's.

Protection against litigation

Our systems will produce reports as legal defense against slip and fall litigation claims.

Improve productivity

Use our intelligent solutions to better coordinate staff, resulting in lower labour cost per unit.

No up-front costs required

There's no need to outlay for site installations. Just pay for the use of our service each month.

Asset tracking

Automate vehicle log booking and asset tracking.


Clever devices

We provide you with unobtrusive devices that silently track attendance at any location. Whether inside a multi story building, traveling down a busy street, or in the middle of the Simpson Desert; our devices know where they’ve been - day or night.

Centralised data store

Our devices stream information live into our centralised data repository, hosted in Australia, where you can be sure its safe and securely stored to recognised ISO standards. There’s no requirement for you to provision IT hardware or personnel - we do all this for you!

Live intelligence 24/7

Through our Seek'nFind reporting services, you have access to the easy to use, easily digestible reports that tell you all you need to know to make informed decision about your business. Live escalations will allow you to react effectively and immediately.

Seek'nFind TM

The Seek'nFind cloud reporting service works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide you with all the location attendance information you'll ever need. Our devices send live information to Seek'nFind providing you with up to the minute information.

Not only does Seek'nFind receive live data, it can also respond by sending data back to our devices. The result? Improved coordination of staff, resulting in improved performance. Less effort in achieving targets such as KPI’s resulting in less cost. Data is hosted in Australia, to Australian quality standards. You can be assured data integrity is second to none.

With a cloud service you get all the benefits that come with it - comprehensive analysis and reporting from anywhere at any time while avoiding the associated costs incurred from in-house implementations. Avoid the overheads of IT staff, hardware provisioning, installation and maintenance.