IoT Workforce Solutions

Improve Productivity, Visibility, Coordination and Safety

IoT Sensors

Daelibs IoT sensors continuously monitor workforce activities along with any aspects of their environment at sub-second speeds to gain complete operational intelligence.

Smart Systems

Cognitive systems process sensor data and determine when action is required.  Immediate automated dispatch is delivered instantly to the closest qualified resource.

Our systems work at maximum efficiency

so your people can too.

Any Workforce

Appeals to most industries


If you have people attending to tasks then this system will improve your business.  Examples of business sectors currently using our products include Agriculture, Building Management, Cleaning, Construction, Defence, Education, Entertainment, Facilities Management, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, Laboratories, Law Enforcement, Mining, Manufacturing, Security, Warehousing,  Waste and Recycling.



You decide.

Self tailored platform

We offer a wide range of features which can be selected and configured, allowing you to quickly and easily customise services to compliment your way of doing things.  Our interfaces are very intuitive and simple. In fact, most customers start using our services right away.  Taking the power into your own hands eliminates waiting and relying on external people who don’t understand your business like you do.  This platform eliminates heavy up front expenditure, along with the need for IT infrastructure and personnel. 




One product – many functions

Throw away the clutter and select what you need from just one system on one device. Some commonly used features include verification of service, substantiation of KPI adherence, indoor/outdoor tracking, issuing work orders – both automated and manual, PTToC communication, health and safety, time-sheeting, compliance and incident reporting.

Specialised Options

After 20 years and thousands of deployments we have established large user bases spanning many business sectors. This has culminated into offering specialised functionality related to these industries. 


Real time updates of staff movements.   Automated real time alerts before deadlines expire.   Work orders automatically dispatched by cognitive systems.   IoT sensors prevent the occurance of problematic situations such as overflowing bins, or empty towel dispensers.

Waste Management

The Route Verification System facilitates the publication run sheets and service verification on day of operations. Drivers are guided through their route and processing of assets is logged. A graphical map interface provides real time updates to admin via our online portal. IoT bin sensors to dynamically allocate route soon to be released. RVS is used by multinantionals who service over 20 million residents.


Get real time intelligence and operate with military grade effectiveness. Daelibs OMNI converges all aspects of in-field intelligence into a single product, empowering you to deliver tier one levels yet with less effort than traditional methods. Use the product that the Australian Defence Forces choose.

Mines & Construction

Head-Check provides in-field verification of attendance and is designed to work in harsh environments. This mobile system allows team members to clock on and off at any location and be notified who is missing. Attendance is recorded in our back office system for Admin and HR and can be used by third party payroll systems. Customers of Head-Check include Kawasaki Heavy Industries, UGL, and General Electric.

Facility Management

FM is no longer a task search and find mission. With Daelibs IoT solutions your buildings and assets can reach out to the right person at the moment attention is required.   Transform your operation from a traditional reactive model that is labour-intensive to a highly predictive, automated operation.


Our attendance verification system integrates with school management systems to link students with each lecture or class. Students “tap on” our mobile kiosks to quickly record attendance allowing educators to see who is absent. Utilising existing student ID and transport cards makes for painless integration of a fast and easy method to verify attendance. Reduce administration effort while increasing speed and accuracy.

The DAELIBS advantage


DAELIBS has been helping shape the future with the Internet of Things for 20 years.   We’ve long established ourselves as one of the global leaders.  This gives us great perspective on what works, and even more importantly we understand what won’t.  Only experience gives you understanding what technology should be applied where.  We’ve forgotten more in this industry than most of the recent glut of startup IoT “experts” collectively claim to know.


first beacon

We’ve been innovating hardware and software for IoT solutions for nearly 20 years with our biggest accomplishment being the inventor of Bluetooth beacons – probably the biggest event to herald the IoT revolution into the mainstream consciousness.   

In 2011

DAELIBS invented BLE beacons.


Two years later

Apple marketed this concept as ibeacon.

Analysts are predicting over 400 million beacons deployed by 2020.  Today, we continue to innovate with IoT sensors using cognitive self learning systems, autonomous responders such as drones and automated bins, connected through direct dedicated satellites, Wideband Critical communication networks, LoRa, Bluetooth 5, SigFox.


Globalised Products and Services

Daelibs products operate extensively in the Asia, Australia, United Arab Emrites, United Kingdom, and United States.  This translates into global localised support, with the capacity to provide 24/7 tier one support services.   This globalised presence underlines our competency and success in the IoT sector.


Connect with us.  Collaborate, extrapolate, evaluate – we’re up for all things IoT.  

Even if its just pointing you in the right direction, we’re happy to help.

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